in America, black people are being gunned down simply for being alive, gay people can’t get married/can’t get jobs, politicians say women are asking for rape, trans people are being murdered every day, Middle Easterns are suspected to be terrorists, white men are defended for shooting up schools, teenage boys are building bombs to murder family and schoolmates and yet people still have the audacity to say this is the land of the free



Remember when I said on this post that in the tapings I went to I saw Ryan kind of instinctively putting his arms all around Colin’s back like they used to do in the older shows, but then changed it in the very last moment?

This is the best ‘prrof’ I can offer (so far). You still can’t see it very well from this angle but it’s there if you pay attention. In this taping he even stayed like this for a while until they start the game and I remember thinking they might do the game like this but in the end it didn’t happen.

Either way, I like finally having it on video.